On the planet of Mars
They have clothes just like ours, 

And they have the same shoes and the same laces, 
And they have the same charms and the same graces, 
And they have the same heads and same faces... 
But not in the 
Very Same
-Shel Silverstein
Burn incense outside under the stars with your alien friends. 
Sample set contains 2 packets of each scent = 10 packets. Each packet contains 2 cones = 20 cones. 

Ouds, and spices, and flowers, and plants. 
AI - Geranium + Moss
TARGA - Oud + Incense
IZBA - Lavender + Wood
TILDE - Agarwood + Sage
MARS - Dragons Blood resin + Frankincense

You have to promise us that you'll be safe and always burn your incense in a sturdy stable container with a cup of water nearby. Only you can prevent forest fires.

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