As our collection of Blackbird incense pyres grows, it becomes harder and harder to choose which is the absolutely perfect scent for you. May we suggest trying a sample set?

ALL: Ai, Blood Countess, Gorgo, Hekkes, Izba, Lonewa, Mantis, Muru, Nahk, Ozo, Ploom, Scepter, Sensor, Sepulchre, Sofia, Targa, Tenoversix, and Tilde

BEST 10:  Blood Countess, Targa, Lonewa, Tilde, Izba, Ploom, Gorgo, Nahk, Hekkes, and Ai

SPRING: Ai, Lonewa, Mantis, Muru, Ploom, Scepter, Sensor, Sofia

WOODS: Gorgo, Izba, Malus, Muru, Targa, Tenoversix, Tilde

FLOWERS: Ai, Hekkes, Ozo, Ploom, Sepulchre, Sofia, Tenoversix

HERBAL: Izba, Mantis, Muru, Ozo, Tilde

GREENS: Ai, Lonewa, Mantis, Muru, Sofia

RESINS: Blood Countess, Malus, Nahk, Scepter, Sensor, Sofia, Targa, Tilde


...or make your own mix by selecting the individual scents:

  • AI  [geranium + moss]
  • BLOOD COUNTESS  [dragon's blood resin + frankincense]
  • GORGO  [beeswax + wood]
  • HEKKES  [flowers + nectar]
  • IZBA  [lavender + wood
  • LONEWA [New Orleans moss + fig]
  • MALUS [Scotch whisky + wood]
  • MANTIS [myrtle + green tea]
  • MURU  [vetiver + cypress]
  • NAHK  [leather + spice
  • OZO  [licorice + rose
  • PLOOM  [tobacco + gardenia]
  • SCEPTER [labdanum + vanilla]
  • SENSOR  [frankincense + apricot
  • SEPULCHRE  [dry floral + wood]
  • SOFIA  [violet + green
  • TARGA [incense + campfire]
  • TENOVERSIX  [desert flower + oceanside wood
  • TILDE [oud + pepper sage]

NOTE: Sets include 2 cones of each scent individually packaged in heavy 4 mil resealable bags. Tins are not included. 


  1. Select a heat resistant burner such as a traditional cone incense burner, stone, seashell, tile or dish. 
  2. Place burner on a stable surface away from flamable objects, children and pets.

  3. Carefully light the tip of the cone and let burn for 10 to 15 seconds until an ember has formed and then blow out.

  4. Allow to smoke until the cone has burned all the way through.

  5. Dispose of ash in water to prevent risk of fire. 

  6. Keep your burner clean by scooping ash or washing away residue. Salt and sand make great bases for your burner.


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