BLACKBIRD X LONEWA - Burner + Incense
BLACKBIRD X LONEWA - Burner + Incense

BLACKBIRD X LONEWA - Burner + Incense


We’ve been making incense for two and a half years now and ever since we started we’ve been asked to make an incense burner to compliment our conical incense pyres. With the help of Lonewa, we've created one that we think you are going to love.

“Ever since we created our incense burners, we hoped to one day collaborate with Blackbird. They've completely changed the perception of what incense should be, and their pioneered smells created a need for unique and modern burners to complement their pyers.” - Frank Sampognaro, Lonewa designer + craftsman

ABOUT THE BURNER: The Lonewa Incense Burner No. 2 is a compact iteration of Lonewa's original incense Burner No.1. Continuing the minimal discipline, the burner holds both incense sticks or cones, by simply flipping from one side to the other, and the hexagon shape catches and casts light beautifully on any desk or table.

ABOUT THE INCENSE: Lonewa was a fantastic partner to create an incense for because they had such unique and creative ideas. They sent us bags and bags of different mosses that grow in Louisiana and had us create around these beautifully natural smells.

INCENSE SCENT NOTES: Cedarwood, New Orleans moss, Fig


  • 1 tin Lonewa incense pyres
  • 1 Incense burner No.2 in Blackbird Black
  • Black burlap storage bag

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